Saturday, 7 April 2012

We Saw It All With Trans Tours - The Seekers (197?)

Q: When are The Seekers not The Seekers? A: When they are The Pacific Seekers and they're singing jingles for a travel company! As you can see from the artwork, this promotional single is credited to 'The Pacific Seekers', however the disc itself is credited to 'The Seekers'. The Seekers first disbanded in 1968 and this release represents a time in the late seventies when original member Bruce Woodley reunited the band (without Judith Durham) to record new material. The track itself is actually quite listenable and enjoyable due to a catchy melody and canny arrangement. There's also a great vintage synthesiser solo and an arpeggio which rings through most of the song which gives it a dated charm. Now, just in case you thought that The Pacific Seekers and Trans Tours would treat this promotional single as a slapdash affair, you'd be dead wrong: you get not one, but two versions of the song, with two sets of lyrics referring to New Zealand and Fiji. And they haven't just interchanged the word 'New Zealand' with 'Fiji' either, the verse has been completely altered to reflect the rich histories of both of these pacific nations. You'll be singing along in no time - Oh, we fly through the air, we drive on the land; yes, we've always been a travelling band. There's so much to see, it's a beautiful land. And we saw it all with Trans Tours. We saw it all with Trans Tours!

Label: EMI
Released: Between 1975-1977
Players: Bruce Woodley - guitar
Athol Guy - bass
Keith Potger - guitar
Louisa Wisseling - vocals
(I have some uncertainty on who played what on this single, but this was the lineup of 'The Seekers' at the time, and the instrument they generally played.)

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