Saturday, 7 April 2012

There's Music In The Air! Vol. 2 - Various Artists (1976)

I like albums that are able to create (or recreate) an atmosphere of a particular time or place. With this in mind, it's pretty hard to beat an album with the actual inflight music from a Qantas 747B from the seventies. It's an easy-listening trip back in time that allows you to imagine that you are living the lifestyle of some sort of jet setting seventies Australian Don Draper. The liner notes are straight from the pad of the Qantas marketing team and explains in amusing prose how luxurious their flights are. The use of the term 'Qantastic' never fails to make me laugh just a little. The set opens up with 'The Stripper' by the David Rose Orchestra. Why on earth they would have chosen this song is a total mystery to me. "That's what they used to play when the hostesses came out," suggested a friend. After that auspicious start, most of the tracks are easy listening tunes from op-shop favourites such as Acker Bilk, Manuel Music Of The Mountains and numerous other guys with orchestras. There's a rather lovely rendition of 'Fool On The Hill' done by Basil Henriques & The Waikiki Islanders. My favourite is the closing track 'Ritual Fire Dance [Falla]' by accordionist Jack Emblow which is done in a frenzied style somewhere between exotica and Mr. Bungle's Disco Volante. From the liner notes: Music lovers, gourmets, movie watchers, readers, writers, talkers, dreamers, sleepers - pampered people all, welcome to the Qantas 747B.

EDIT: I have subsequently noticed with some chagrin that this album is in fact, just a rebranded release of the ubiquitous Impact: The Breakthrough To The Exciting World of Stereo Sound LP released in 1968. Way to make an effort, Qantas marketing team. 

Label: EMI
Released: 1976
Players: Various artists.


  1. You mentioned "Impact: The Breakthrough To The Exciting World of Stereo Sound" - the collection was also released in 1968, then as "Hi-Fi Stereo Festival", shared by Lounge Legends: