Saturday, 7 April 2012

Discovery - Frances Yip (1974)

This is quite a cool album showcasing the musical (and linguistic) talents of Cantopop singer Frances Yip in the service of promoting Cathay Pacific airlines. This is something of a promotional concept album, with Yip singing songs from the many countries that Cathay Pacific are happy to fly you to: Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia. Most of the tracks have a great feel to them and production that suggests that Cathay Pacific were happy to spend a bit of money on this album to ensure that it sounded good. Not only was money spent on the music, but this promotional album came in a gatefold sleeve as well (yes, my copy is signed by Frances, try not to die of jealousy). The opening track 'Discovery', isn't representative of any country and is sort of a theme song for the album to get you started on your journey. It's a rockin' number with some great time changes and a killer guitar solo. The next track which is likely to grab your attention (particularly Australian listeners) is 'Green Is The Mountain (Tawain)' as the opening section of this song is one of the key samples used in Gotye's 'State Of The Art' from his hugely successful Making Mirrors album. Overall, Discovery generally manages to avoid a sense of seventies Asian minstrelsy that could easily have crept in, except on 'Kowloon Hong Kong Medley' which sounds a little tasteless and dated to my ears. Given that Yip herself is from Hong Kong, this seems particularly egregious. Then again, as an Australian, I found the rendition of 'Waltzing Matilda' on this album fairly cringe-inducing so maybe it's all relative (although, I do appreciate the whistling over the outro).

Label: EMI (My copy appears to have been purchased in Malaysia)
Released: 1974
Players: Frances Yip - vocals
Vic O. Cristobal - arrangement and conducting
No other musicians are credited.


  1. This mediafire link points to the 'consulate' post.

  2. My bad. Thanks very much for pointing this out. Link should be fixed now.

  3. Thanks, this looks like fun, there's a problem with track 11 unfortunately, could you take a look when you get a chance?.

  4. I've deleted and re-upped the track in question, but I think the problem is that Mediafire has identified this track as copyrighted material. Not sure why only one track is being affected this way. If you want to send me a contact address to cambrianexplosion at hotmail dot com, I can just send you this song via email.

  5. Very nice! I haven't had time to look around, but I hope there's more Corporate Promotions around here.

    Thanks, R o h a n!

  6. Muff Diver, check out the 'promotional' tag on the posts or the sidebar and you'll find a few more.