Thursday, 18 October 2012

I'm Glad I Lost My Heart In Sydney - Sandy Scott with Edwin Harrison and His Orchestra (1969)

To follow on from my last post on the brilliant A Place To Stand, a song extolling the virtues of Ontario, here’s a track a little closer to home. I’m Glad I Lost My Heart In Sydney is a charmer of a song with a musical theatre swing and a few local references to keep the New South Welshmen happy. The vocals are by Aussie crooner Sandy Scott, who was huge in the sixties and seventies. The b-side is an instrumental version, showcasing the talents of Edwin Harrison and his Orchestra. I can find very little information about this single and the people involved, but it’s a nicely done piece of late-sixties Australiana. 

Lest you think I’m not bringing you the quality music you’ve come to expect, fear not: this song is award winning! According to the information on the disc, this song, written by one Freddie Morgan, was the winner of Sydney radio station 2GB’s International Song Competition. If any one has any information on this tune, let me know in the comments.

Label: ATA Records (Distributed by Festival)
Released: 1969
Players: Sandy Scott - vocals
Edwin Harrison and His Orchestra - music


  1. One wonder what Sandy Scott would have made of Sydney today... Re that Andy Sunstrom/ Libaek post, I found an EP(with picture sleeve) that combines the 2 tracks you posted, plus 2 Libaek originals that I dont think have appeared anywhere else. Being the Libaek completist that I assume you are, I thought it might be worth sending to you!

  2. That sounds great! In quite an unbelievable coincidence, I was listening to one of those tracks in the car yesterday and wondered for the first time if there might be more material from Sven and Andy. I would absolutely love to have a listen to the EP, thanks. Where did you find it?

  3. I cant honestly remember where it came from, I was clearing out my garage, found a box of 45s and remembered your post. The liner notes decribe one track as surf music, played with a Balalaika! Got to hear that. Ill send it off to you next week.