Friday, 30 March 2012

Sally/Dive - Andrew Richardson (1982)

I'm really into the flute these days. The presence of a flute on a record will pretty much tip me over into buying it if I'm otherwise unable to decide. This independent release by Andrew Richardson features a lovely picture of him playing the flute on the front and on the back has a disembodied arm defiantly grasping a flute - naturally I bought it and the Salvos made an easy $1. When deciding on a genre tag on this post, I wasn't quite sure what to call this instrumental record. Prog? Pop? 'Flute' seemed most appropriate. Sally is a slow, soundtrackesque piece with quite a simple melody that builds to a nice dramatic plateau which then gets washed over by some very eighties synth sounds. Dive is a strange, upbeat pop track with Richardsons doubled flute accompanied by synth bass and drums. Andrew is still actively playing, but now goes under the name Howlin' Wind.

Label: Private? Andrew Richardson Music, produced by Andrew Richardson.
Released: 1982
Players: Andrew Richardson - flute
Mike Toddhunter - keyboards

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